African Dance & Drumming with Mama Africa

Experience the joy African dance and drumming can bring!

I am on a mission in this world! To share my vast knowledge and experience with as many lovely people as possible.

Throughout my life I have enjoyed singing, dancing and drumming.
Teaching others is what I enjoy the most. It is a spiritual inspiration for my mind, body and soul.

These precious talents give me joy, contentment, healing, energy and positive vibes. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my gifts with others by offering;
  • Weekly Classes
  • Performances
  • Workshops 
  • Lecture-Demonstrations
I do all of this with a singular aim of showing the different cultural attributes of the African people.

My main objective is to promote, project and to encourage a healthy growth of the African heritage. Also, to show the joy and harmony existing in the cultures; consequently establishing awareness, friendship, love and understanding among the Nations.

I sometimes visualize myself as a waterfall. I flow strongly, continuously, majestically, and dynamically with an unconditional love, carrying everyone in my wake safely on their journey.

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